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Armeo Therapy

The first rehabilitation provider in the U.S. to introduce Armeo®Power for occupational therapy, Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation now offers therapy with two products from Armeo for people recovering from strokes, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries or neurological conditions to aid the recovery process of their hands and arms.


Jefferson was the first rehabilitation provider in the U.S. to introduce the ArmeoPower system for occupational therapy. People recovering from strokes, traumatic brain, spinal cord injuries or other neurological conditions use this robotic tool during rehabilitation to aid the recovery process of their hands and arms. The system helps strengthen grip, improve reach and coordination and enables patients to practice specific skills on their own.

ArmeoPower enables highly intensive arm rehabilitation for early-stage patients even before they develop active movement. Research has shown that highly intensive, repetitive task-oriented movements enhance the neural plasticity of patients who suffered strokes, traumatic brain injury or neurological disorders. The ArmeoPower robotic therapy leverages these findings to help patients regain their arm and hand function by combining devices supporting the patients’ movement with exercise games in virtual reality that may motivate them toward higher active effort. The device supports the complete movement chain, offering simultaneous therapy from shoulder to fingers. It helps strengthen grip and improve reach, and it enables patients to practice specific skills on their own.

Watch this video to see the ArmeoPower in action:


Armeo®Senso is a sensor-based solution for patients with moderate to mild impairments of the upper extremity. This device supports self-initiated, active, motivating, and repetitive arm movement in a 3D workspace for patients with mild to moderate impairments.

What this video to see the ArmeoSenso in action:


In addition to the ArmeoPower, we employ the Armeo®Spring for continuing hand and arm rehabilitation for both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation. We have five such devices at our main campus in Elkins Park, Pa.

Jefferson is the only rehabilitation facility in the U.S. with a robotic therapy room where we can train three people on the Armeo system simultaneously. We are also conducting research on the devices for use in acute stroke rehabilitation. 

Watch this video to see the ArmeoSpring in action:

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