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Pain Management

MossRehab collaborates with the Einstein Pain Institute to understand the root cause of pain and find effective methods to minimize pain with the intention of eliminating it so that the patient's quality of life improves and he or she can go back to performing daily tasks.

Our Philosophy

Einstein Pain Institute helps patients manage their chronic pain and resume more normal, productive lives. Drawing on new diagnostic technologies, this multi-disciplinary pain management center provides some of the latest advances in pain relief and partners with referring physicians to develop evidence-based plans of care individualized to patients' needs.

Einstein Pain Institute is part of Einstein Healthcare Network, which offers extraordinary breadth and depth of world-class clinical services. In addition to our technologically advanced diagnostic pain treatment options, when appropriate the Einstein Pain Institute specialists collaborate with experts at:

  • MossRehab to provide physical medicine and rehabilitation, including highly specialized diagnostic procedures such as nerve conduction studies and physical and occupational therapies and intrathecal medications
  • Arthritis Center and the Spine Program of the Department of Orthopedics to confirm diagnosis and assure appropriate treatment beyond pain management.

No other pain management service combines this level of coordination with the patient's medical resource community, with sensitivity to individual patient needs in the context of evidence and guidelines, and the range of management options as part of comprehensive, ongoing care planning.

Evidence-based Pain Management Can Improve Patient Productivity

Because the cause of most chronic pain syndromes is largely unknown, chronic pain presents evidence-based medicine with one of its most pressing and perplexing challenges. National healthcare organizations are placing increasing importance — and dedicating increasing funding — to the appropriate treatment and management of chronic pain.
A survey of chronic pain literature suggests three key attributes of effective pain management:

  • Multi-disciplinary treatment, offering the widest possible array of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques
  • Customized, evidence-based treatment planning personalized to the specific needs of individual patients
  • Collaborative coordination of care, integrating the skills and strengths of referring physicians and pain specialists in a pain management partnership

Einstein Pain Institute delivers on all three of these attributes.

Individualized Patient Care

The multidimensional problem of chronic pain demands multi-disciplinary treatment that includes the widest possible spectrum of technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques.

Multi-disciplinary pain management addresses the biological, rehabilitative and psychosocial aspects of pain management. Einstein Pain Institute provides access to an interdisciplinary group of professionals who can implement a broad array of approaches including medications, rehabilitative therapies, psychological treatments and interventional pain management techniques to obtain the best patient outcomes.

Einstein Pain Institute's multi-disciplinary approach gives patients and their referring physicians the opportunity for personalized, evidence-based medical treatment.

Suggested guidelines for customized patient assessment and management of chronic pain may include:

  • Intervene early if possible
  • Determine the cause of pain through advanced diagnostic testing
  • Identify specific, realistic therapy goals, the time required to achieve them and the rationale for each treatment
  • Ease pain and improve function through technologically advanced medical and interventional treatments — using the simplest, least invasive treatments first — in a time-contingent manner based on patients' clinical responses
  • Teach coping strategies and other competencies that empower patients and their families to manage pain and regain control

Early Detection, Effective Treatment

Despite the demonstrated effectiveness of multi-disciplinary approaches, only a highly select group of patients ever reaches multi-disciplinary pain treatment centers. Many patients skip from doctor to doctor, in search of the right medication, and often end up drug-dependent. The collaborative partnership between referring physicians and pain specialists at Einstein Pain Institute offers real hope of breaking this pattern.

Our pain management specialists count on referring physicians for the surveillance and early detection so crucial to effective pain management. Early treatment leads to better outcomes. Untreated pain can establish a hold on the central nervous system and become increasingly resistant to interventions. Long-standing pain can result in behavior patterns, such as lack of activity, that can lead to other complicating disorders.

Once physicians identify patients suffering from chronic pain, partnering with pain specialists at Einstein Pain Institute offers patients the best opportunity for effective pain treatment. With close coordination, referring physicians and Einstein Pain Institute specialists can help patients regain their maximum potential productivity.

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