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Disability Etiquette Gone Wrong Videos

There is an etiquette to interacting with people with disabilities. Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation It's Just Respect program aims to educate people—whether it be in the workplace, a retail business or out in the community—about disability etiquette. The videos below, which are part of the training, help illustrate some common scenarios and suggest appropriate responses. 

Service Dogs

Service dogs work hard and can do a lot of things from opening doors to getting something off a shelf. But as skilled as they are, they can't do two things at once. That's why it's important to let service dogs concentrate on their tasks and to not distract them while they're working by petting them, calling for them, etc.

In this video, you'll see a case of service dog etiquette gone wrong, and learn how to do it right.


Prosthetic Hands

Shaking hands with someone is a universal way to meet them, greet them or express congratulations. All wonderful things. But the moment can become awkward if a person has a prosthetic hand or a hook and you're not sure what to do.

In this video, our chief medical officer Alberto Esquenazi, MD, talks about the potentially awkward moment of greeting someone who wears a prosthetic hand or device.


Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs are big. And heavy. And can be menacing-looking. But fear not if you see one heading your way.

Power wheelchair users have gone through extensive training and are used to maneuvering them through weird angles and tight spaces. In this video, we see a power wheelchair interaction start off great, but take a bad turn.


Visual Impairment

Imagine being visually impaired and having a nice conversation with someone. Then he or she leaves without letting you know and you're left talking to yourself. How would that make you feel? It happens more times than you would think.

This video depicts a time when this happened to Betsy Clayton, and tells you what Betsy thinks you can do to make interactions with those with visual impairments more respectful.



Someone with aphasia - a condition following stroke that makes speech difficult - may take a long time to order at a restaurant or other establishment. That can create a situation where patience and respect are required. 

This video, narrated by a man with aphasia, talks about a time when helping is not helpful.

Wheelchair Interactions

Wheelchairs are an extension of the body, and part of someone's personal space. In this video, we cover how to interact with people who use wheelchairs without making it awkward.





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