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G-EO System Evolution Therapy

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation is the first rehab facility in the U.S. to utilize the latest G-EO System, a robotic walker training system that helps patients with a variety of physical disabilities and injuries regain strength and movement to improve walking. 

In July 2011, we received the first G-EO System in the United States. Our international reputation as a center of excellence in robotic assisted rehabilitation made us the ideal choice. Now, we are the first to install the latest upgrade.

G-EO is manufactured by Reha Technology AG, a Swiss company that designs and manufactures advanced robotic-assisted systems for neurorehabilitation.

Patients utilizing the G-EO are suspended from a harness (taking their weight off of their legs) while robotics put the patients' legs through the motion of walking. The motion helps the muscles become strong again while simultaneously helping the nervous system relearn motor skills. The more a patient progresses, the more body weight their legs can support and less assistance provided by the robot.

G-EO is advanced from other technologies in a variety of ways:

  • Utilization of End Effector Control: The G-EO system attaches only to the feet and controls the movements of the foot while the knee, hip and trunk can move more freely during walking. This increases the challenge to the muscles of these joints. (Other devices attach at the hip and knee.)
  • G-EO can be used to train stair-climbing and descent, something not done by other devices.
  • G-EO comes with virtual scenarios displayed on a big screen through which patients can walk.
  • A patient can be transferred from a wheelchair to the G-EO device by only one therapist who can control and oversee the therapy.

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