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Sheerr Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory

The Sheerr Gait and Motion Analysis Lab helps physicians identify the causes of ambulation problems and helps them make recommendations for specific treatment interventions. It provides computerized quantitative data for numerous diagnostic applications including muscular activity during walking; systematic and kinetic, kinematic gait, and movement data; as well as data to help elucidate on the causes of dysfunction. The Sheerr Gait and Motion Analysis Lab is fully accredited by the Commission for Motion Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. MossRehab is the only rehabilitation facility in the Philadelphia region to have this specialized laboratory.

All study findings are sent to the referring physician, along with recommendations for treatment and corrective adjustments. The laboratory also provides functional quantitative data documenting a patient’s treatment outcomes.

Physicians may use the lab for treatment, orthotic or prosthetic prescription, or they may simply use it as an evaluation service. Referring physicians are invited to visit the laboratory for a demonstration of its capabilities.

Tests conducted at the Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory include:

  • Gait profile, to measure spatial and temporal patterns of walking without patient instrumentation
  • Slow-motion video, which provides frame-by-frame analysis of walking or performance of other activities
  • Force vector analysis, to measure force applied to joints while walking and standing
  • Weight-bearing analysis to evaluate a patient’s ability to apply weight to legs while standing, walking, running or lifting
  • EMG analysis evaluates up to 32 muscles during walking or motion
  • Computerized, three-dimensional, quantitative measurements of: joint movement, including range, direction, velocity, and acceleration; limb position; joint forces, movements and powers.
  • Computer simulation assessments of walking
  • Evaluation under diagnostic temporary blocks


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