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Thanks to a long list of innovations, MossRehab continues to lead the way in bringing advanced technology to rehabilitation

MossRehab leads the nation with the largest collection of pioneering rehabilitation robotics

MossRehab is a national and world leader in clinical innovations using advanced rehabilitation technologies. Our collection of 20 robotic devices to help assess and treat neurological deficits is the largest by far in the U.S., giving patients a wealth of highly individualized treatment options not available elsewhere.

 For more than a decade, MossRehab has been instrumental in working with engineers around the world to help develop, test and refine computer-assisted devices that meet the special rehabilitation needs of people recovering from traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, spinal cord injury, or amputation.

Here are some of the innovative technologies MossRehab staff and patients are using every day:

AlterG Bionic Leg     Andago       Armeo Therapy 
 G-EO System  Lokomat  Reo Therapy
 ReWalk SafeGait Tyromotion Robot Collection
 Smart Balance Master

AlterG (Tibion) Bionic Leg

Introduced to clinical use in 2010, the Tibion Bionic Leg was the world’s first wearable, battery-powered robotic orthosis designed for patients recovering from stroke. MossRehab was one of first facilities to use Tibion for gait retraining in the stroke and traumatic brain injury population.

Learn more about the AlterG Bionic Leg


MossRehab was the first rehabilitation facility in the U.S. to pilot therapy using an Andago®, a Swiss-manufactured robotic device that helps patients with stroke or brain injury regain their ability to walk. Andago is a “U-shaped frame on wheels” with a harness that provides constant – and adjustable—weight bearing support. The Andago enables patients who’ve had a stroke or a traumatic brain injury to move more quickly from supported or assisted gait to unsupported walking.

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Armeo Therapy

MossRehab is the first rehabilitation provider in the U.S. to introduce Armeo® Power for occupational therapy. People recovering from strokes, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries or neurological conditions use this robotic tool during rehabilitation to aid the recovery process of their hands and arms. The system helps strengthen grip, improve reach and enables patients to practice specific skills on their own.

In addition to the ArmeoPower, MossRehab also employs the Armeo®Spring for continuing hand and arm rehabilitation in outpatient therapy at MossRehab in Elkins Park.

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G-EO System Evolution

MossRehab was the first rehab facility in the U.S. (2011) to utilize the latest G-EO SystemTM, a robotic walker training system that helps patients with a variety of physical disabilities and injuries regain strength and movement to improve walking.

In July 2011, MossRehab received the first G-EO System in the U.S. Our international reputation as a center of excellence in robotic assisted rehabilitation made us the ideal choice. Now, we are the first to install the latest upgrade.

Read more about the G-EO System


Primarily used with patients who have experienced a spinal cord, stroke or brain injury, the Lokomat® takes a longstanding form of physical rehabilitation – treadmill therapy – several steps further than ever before.

Using a harness and a computer-controlled mechanical suit, the Lokomat helps strengthen and train impaired muscle groups to help the body relearn how to walk. With the patient supported in a harness above a treadmill, a robotic exoskeleton moves the body in a natural walking pattern, while also measuring and regulating how much effort the patient expends. MossRehab was the first facility in the Philadelphia region to offer therapy with a Lokomat and one of the few facilities in the world to have three Lokomats at one site.

Learn more about the Lokomat

REO Therapy

ReoTherapy helps restore the arm’s gross motor skills after loss due to a stroke or brain injury. This form of therapy is similar to playing a video game in that it uses a robotically assisted joystick called a Reo. MossRehab was the first U.S. site for the original clinical trials for the Reo Therapy upper-limb robotic device.


ReWalkTM is a motorized exoskeleton suit that enables people with walking impairments to stand, walk and climb stairs independently. Worn around the legs, chest and back, ReWalk is lightweight and fits closely to the body on top of everyday clothes. Crutches are used in combination with ReWalk to help the user stay balanced.

MossRehab was the exclusive clinical trial site in the U.S. for ReWalk and FDA approval was obtained based on MossRehab’s clinical trial outcomes.

Learn more about ReWalk


MossRehab was the first rehabilitation facility in Pennsylvania to offer the SafeGait™, a dynamic weight support system used for balance and gait training.

SafeGait is a 360 degree balance and mobility trainer designed to help patients relearn to walk after a stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, amputation, and other neurological or neurodegenerative diagnoses. A body harness suspended from a ceiling-mounted track safely holds a patient upright.

Learn more about SafeGait

Smart Balance Master

The Smart Balance Master®, from Natus, helps improve balance in patients facing stroke, spinal cord injury, amputation and traumatic brain injury.

The Smart Balance Master measures how well a patient's eyes, inner ear, muscles and joints are working together to maintain balance. It measures the patient's center of gravity and postural control through a dynamic force plate with rotation capabilities and a dynamic visual surround to measure the patient's use of visual information in maintaining balance.

Learn more about Smart Balance Master

Tyromotion Robot Collection

Male patient steering a Tyromotion robotic device being assisted by a female therapist

MossRehab is the first rehabilitation hospital in the U.S. to offer a family of robotic devices from Tyromotion, an award-winning developer of advanced rehabilitation robotics. The four versatile robots that comprise the collection, named after famous artists, enable patients to undergo a series of exercises that deftly address different segments of the upper body.

Learn more about the Tyromotion Robot collection

MossRehab Chief Medical Officer Alberto Esquenazi, MD, discusses some of MossRehab's pioneer robotic work on CBS3:


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