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The Concussion Center 

When you have a concussion, you can have symptoms or be at risk for problems that are not easily recognized. At our Concussion Center, we have specialists who focus specifically on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of concussions to ensure your best recovery.

Experienced Team

Our Concussion Center team includes board-certified rehabilitation doctors, a board-certified neuropsychologist and a number of other clinicians, all specialized in treating concussion-related problems. We are rated as the number one rehab hospital in Pennsylvania, and Top 10 in the country, by U.S. News & World Report. A leading research and clinical center for the care of traumatic brain injuries, we are one of 15 federally-designated Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems of Care facilities in the United States. The Concussion Center is a Credentialed ImPACT™ Consultant (CIC) facility, which indicates special training in administering and interpreting ImPACT™ assessments.

Comprehensive Assessment

Your evaluation will include a diagnostic interview and clinical evaluation and, if needed, may also include a medical and neurological evaluation and more detailed neuropsychological tests. Your cognitive functioning is assessed, in part, through ImPACT ™, the leading computerized analysis system providing precise measurement of the effects of concussion related to memory, reaction time and brain processing speed. Comprehensive neuropsychological testing is available if your concussion is slow to heal. We offer screening for balance and visual-motor coordination problems that may be related to a concussion but are often overlooked.

In-depth Treatment

We create an individualized program so you can safely get back to work, play and sports. After your initial evaluation, we will arrange follow-up appointments to monitor your progress until you make a full recovery. Physicians are available to treat medical symptoms you may experience as a result of having a concussion, such as headache, fatigue, pain, dizziness, confusion and problems with sleeping.We can provide you with written documents for school or work to explain the support and accommodations that may be needed while you recover from your brain injury. Additionally, we are happy to personally talk with athletic personnel, family, employers, and school staff, with your approval, if necessary. We will coordinate our care with other health care providers who you are already working with, such as primary care physicians.

Have More Questions?

For additional information or to make an appointment, please call 1-800-CALL MOSS.

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