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The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is an innovative, low-cost program that promotes personal success and self-sufficient living for people who experience disability following brain injury.

This program has helped many people develop vocational, educational, community and social roles. Clubhouse members begin the road to employment through the Clubhouse pre-vocational training program. This program employs a work-directed day to prepare members for employment in the community.

We do customized skill training to prepare people for employment. We create simulations of work that imitates the type they had prior to their injury or MossRehab treatment.

Program Focus

Clubhouse goals and operations are defined by the individual goals of its members. Principal Clubhouse business is conducted at weekly, member-directed program management meetings. Daily responsibilities are distributed among clubhouse work units that operate in conjunction with staff work unit coordinators. Work units include the communications unit, the kitchen unit, the maintenance unit, and the fundraising unit.

The communications unit is responsible for telephone, reception, correspondence, inventory management, outreach and information.

The kitchen unit is responsible for menu planning, shopping, budgeting and meal preparation. The kitchen is operated solely through money collected from its food sales.

The maintenance unit is responsible for building upkeep, repairs and in-house construction. This unit also currently operates a recycling business outside of the clubhouse.

The fundraising unit is responsible for selling snacks and organizing fundraisers to raise money for the Clubhouse. Members of this unit also calculate Clubhouse profits weekly.

Special Program Features

The community-based Clubhouse model is founded on the principle of peer support, consumer direction and individual needs. We recognize that each person, whatever his or her disability, has skills that make them an important contributor to the community. By focusing on abilities rather than disabilities, the program provides a strong emphasis on skill acquisition and role restoration for each member. Group activities help members assist each other in accomplishing skills and improving awareness in a peer-supported manner.

Long-term, goal-oriented planning is provided through the Clubhouse’s individual service plan. The individual service plan helps each member prioritize his or her needs, identify necessary resources within the clubhouse and community, and develop incremental goals in critical areas such as living situation, self-care, vocation, education, socialization, transportation and finances. The individual service plan is used to formally evaluate progress towards identified goals.

Locations and Office Hours

MossRehab Clubhouse (Philadelphia)
7612 Dungan Road
Philadelphia, PA 19111
Office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 215-745-5093

Meet the Clinical Director of the Drucker Brain Injury Center
Thomas Watanabe, MD

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