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Community Re-Entry Program

The Community Re-Entry Program helps patients who experienced brain injuries re-learn the skills necessary to fully participate in activities of daily living.

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Program Focus

The most common type of patients seen are those who have sustained a  traumatic brain injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, fall, assault or gunshot wound. Other acquired brain injuries, including stroke, tumors and seizure disorders are also treated. We assist in exploration of services and resources on a local and state basis once in the program.

Special Program Features

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation includes the Home Community Re-entry Program and the Vocational Directions Program. Both prepare, place and train people with brain injury for engagement in a meaningful and healthy activity pattern. This provides individuals with a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Goals within the program often focus on returning to roles as a student, worker, community volunteer, parent, etc..

Clinical Information

The Community Re-entry Program is for those individuals 14 years of age or older who require assistance with self-directed performance of functional routines and behaviors necessary for living in the community and returning to school or work, with social supports. The client's medical acuity and stability must allow for active participation in outpatient services for goal attainment as determined by the clinical treatment team. Assessment by the clinical team will determine intensity of services. The Program serves clients with impairments in body function or structure that result in difficulty executing and participating in activities of daily living including self-care, mobility, speech and language, cognition, resumption of life roles, home and community re-integration as well as fulfillment of vocational roles. The client's behavior and mental health must allow for active participation with the reasonable expectation of goal attainment by the treatment team while active within the program.

Transition from the Community Re-entry Program is a process that occurs as the individual's goals and objectives have been achieved and when a meaningful activity pattern is maintained. This activity pattern may consist of a combination of full or part-time employment, volunteer work, school, and/or recreation and leisure activities.

We know that inevitable life changes (relocation, new job, family member transitions) can be particularly challenging for persons with brain injury. At these junctures, individualized services offered through our Long-Term Services can be helpful to identify appropriate strategies and supports to handle new circumstances.



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