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Back to Blog Main Page Integrating Clinical and Research for Cutting Edge Care
By: Jean Carl


Oct 21 2021

MossRehab’s research arm, the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI), sits a short walk from MossRehab’s main hospital. That proximity allows the nationally ranked physical medicine rehabilitation facility to take a collaborative approach between its rehabilitation scientists and clinicians to deliver better care, outcomes, and education. While MossRehab clinicians use the latest evidence-based practices in medical care, scientists within MRRI remains at the forefront of scientific discovery to advance neurorehabilitation assessment and treatment. Research findings bring new clinical practices and scientific advancements that benefit the patient while clinicians keep researchers current on rehabilitation trends.

“As a clinician, research scientists open the door for me to see where and how we can benefit clinical outcomes,” notes Alberto Esquenazi, MD, The John Otto Haas Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Chief Medical Officer at MossRehab. “On the other hand, scientists cannot know what’s important for the future of rehabilitation if they don’t have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in clinical activity.”

Rather than have research and clinical care practices run parallel, MossRehab intertwines them through various activities such as lecture series, educational events, and patient programs. For example, the TRIA Family Topics in Rehabilitation Science lectures on translating clinically relevant topics allow scientists and clinicians to brainstorm, ask questions and learn together. Scientists also can attend educational programs on a variety of clinical topics held for MossRehab clinicians. 

“As most scientists are in laboratories full-time, they need to be at the forefront with an advanced clinical practice that happens in MossRehab,” explains Dylan Edwards, PhD, Director of the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute. “Similarly, rehabilitation clinicians cannot be expected to have advanced scientific training. So, this type of interaction is critical to productivity.”

The Aphasia Center is another example of  a cooperative program between MossRehab and MRRI where clinicians and scientists work together for the mutual benefit of the clinical practice and research studies on this communication disorder. The Center offers various programs and services on aphasia including participation in research opportunities at MRRI.

MossRehab also serves as a resource for MRRI in recruiting patients for clinical trials and studies. A patient registry consisting of MossRehab inpatients and outpatients aged 18 to 89 with a diagnosis of stroke, traumatic brain injury, and Parkinson’s Disease provides scientists with future potential participants. Research derived from studies conducted with MossRehab patients brings scientific advancement and best practices for clinical practices that improve patient outcomes. “Researchers and clinicians work together to conceptualize the future of the registry,” notes Esquenazi. “It’s an example of the collaboration essential to deliver better clinical outcomes.”

Being at the forefront of advanced medical care with the latest evidence-based practice, along with scientific discovery is the aspiration of the world's best medical centers. MossRehab already has created a structure that puts it at the forefront of this clinical and research integration.

Listen to the latest episode of MossRehab Conversations where Drs. Esquenazi and Edwards discuss the importance of research to clinical care and clinical care to research.



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