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Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute

The Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute was founded in 1992 to consolidate the many research activities at MossRehab and to foster new initiatives in rehabilitation research.

Under the direction of Dylan Edwards, PhD, director, and Laurel Buxbaum, PsyD, associate director, the Institute sponsors interdisciplinary research aimed at improving human function and adaptation to disability. Research is an important part of treatment, often leading the way to new advances and innovations in medical rehabilitation. Research activities within the Institute help maintain MossRehab’s excellence by attracting the best staff and bringing new medical and technological developments to patients with disabilities.

The MRRI Mission

Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute is devoted to improving the lives of individuals with neurological disabilities through research.

Research at Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute occupies a unique position within a translational “pipeline” from basic neuroscience to clinical neuroscience and neurorehabilitation. We perform basic research, framed by theoretical perspectives, that maintains contact with the complexities of real world functioning and leads to advances in neurorehabilitation assessment and treatment. We perform patient-based research that informs basic science theories of complex cognitive and motor functioning and their neural bases, and on the processes of change in these systems.

Program Focus

MRRI has three major areas of research focus:

Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Rehabilitation

How do stroke, brain trauma and other diseases of the central nervous system disrupt cognitive functions such as language, attention, planning, action, and problem solving? What parts of the brain are critical for these abilities? MRRI researchers address such questions with cutting-edge behavioral and neuroanatomical techniques, and develop innovative treatment approaches to cognitive and language problems. Through collaborations that span MRRI’s focus areas, we explore research topics such as delineating shared representations that support both the control of movement and language.

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatments and Outcomes

What are the factors that affect recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI)? What are the most effective ways to treat the functional consequences of these injuries? Researchers at MRRI study recovery across the spectrum from disorders of consciousness to long-term effects of TBI within the family and community. As well as developing ways to measure and predict outcomes, MRRI researchers develop and test innovative treatments for the cognitive, emotional, and psychosocial effects of TBI.   Our collaborations across focus areas allow us to pursue such topics as the effects of medications in multiple neurologic populations and the use of sophisticated imaging techniques to understand both focal and diffuse brain damage.

Movement Science and Mobility Rehabilitation

How are movements planned and executed in healthy individuals, and how are movements impaired by injury or disease? How are new movements relearned after injury or disease and what are the neuroanatomical changes from such relearning? MRRI researchers address such questions to help recovery of upper and lower extremity motor skills in individuals with neurologic injury and amputation. Using cutting-edge neuroimaging and neurostimulation techniques in conjunction with kinematic movement analyses, MRRI researchers search for principles to guide effective rehabilitation. Collaborations across MRRI’s focus areas enable us to address the movement difficulties experienced by individuals with stroke as well as TBI.


Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
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For further information about Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute and its programs of research, visit the MRRI website.

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