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MossRehab – Real Results, Positive Outcomes

The inpatients admitted to MossRehab facilities work hard to achieve outstanding outcomes. We are proud to say that the functional improvement of our patients exceeds that of patients at the other regional and national facilities as measured by their FIM™ scores. Our four Pennsylvania facilities discharge, on average, more patients back to their communities, homes and lives than other rehab providers across the nation.

The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) is a widely accepted scale used to measure the functional abilities of patients undergoing rehabilitation.

Patient Outcomes by Condition

MossRehab Patients Score High on Functional Improvement

We are proud to share that throughout our 2012 fiscal year (July 2011 to June 2012) the functional improvement of our patients from all our inpatient locations exceeds that of patients at other regional and national facilities, on average, regardless of their diagnosis on admission.
Our inpatient locations include:

  • MossRehab at Einstein Medical Center on Tabor Road
  • MossRehab at Aria Health Frankford campus in Northeast Philadelphia
  • MossRehab at Aria Health Bucks County campus in Langhorne
  • MossRehab at Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown
  • The Functional Improvement Measurement (FIM)™ is a widely accepted scale used to measure the functional abilities of patients undergoing rehabilitation.

    MossRehabOther Regional FacilitiesNationwide Scores

    Patient FIM Change 25.83 23.88 23.50
    % of Patients Discharged Home 66.22 61.48 66.45
    Brain Injury

    Patient FIM Change 28.86 27.19 26.74
    % of Patients Discharged Home 66.08 59.36 64.55
    Spinal Cord Injury

    Patient FIM Change 25.50 23.27 22.46
    % of Patients Discharged Home 64.41 61.35 66.02

    Patient FIM Change 28.06 25.76 24.94
    Patients Discharged Home 85.63 79.98 80.24

    Patient FIM Change 24.43 22.51 23.36
    Patients Discharged Home 78.91 72.47 73.73
    General Medical Rehab

    Patient FIM Change 24.57 22.65 21.92
    Patients Discharged Home 74.32 73.79 72.33

    Patient FIM Change 23.90 20.88 20.01
    Patients Discharged Home 82.19 75.01 74.61

    Note: Patient satisfaction for MossRehab at Sacred Heart and Aria Health Frankford campus is calculated separately and is 98.2% and 100% respectively.

    *Source:® a service of the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association.

    Definition and other information on FIM scores.