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Fact Sheet and Resources

Learn more about traumatic brain injury by reading these informative fact sheets and infoComics created through a collaboration between the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center and the TBI Model Systems.

(These resources are PDF documents that require Adobe Reader in order to view and print. If you don't have it installed on your computer, click here to download.)

TBI Educational Materials for Patients & Families

Understanding TBI - Part 1
What Happens to the Brain During Injury and in the Early Stages of Recovery?
English Spanish

Understanding TBI - Part 2
How Brain Injury Impacts an Individual’s Functioning

Understanding TBI - Part 3
The Recovery Process

For further reading: Concussion Recovery

Understanding TBI - Part 4
The Impact of a TBI on Family Members and What They Can Do to Help

For further reading: Stress Management for Caregivers

Life After TBI Fact Sheets

Alcohol Use After TBI

Balance Problems

Cognitive Problems after TBI

Depression After TBI

Disorders of Consciousness Caregiver Guide

Driving After TBI

Emotional Problems After TBI

Fatigue and TBI

Headaches After TBI

Loss of Smell or Taste After TBI

Memory and TBI

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and TBI

Parenting with TBI

Returning to School After TBI

Working With College Students With TBI

Seizures After TBI

Sexuality After TBI

Sleep and TBI

Spasticity and TBI

Social Skills and TBI

Staying Healthy After TBI

TBI and Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

Vision Problems After TBI

The Vegetative and Minimally-Conscious States After Severe Brain Injury

Understanding Irritability and Anger After TBI

InfoComics: Mike's TBI Story

Follow the story of Mike and his family as they navigate the journey of his recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury.

Part 1

After spending time in the NICU, Mike begins mental and physical therapy and rehab.
English Spanish

Part 2

Mike is home, but the process of his recovery is sometimes challenging for him and his family.

Part 3

Mike's family reflects on his hospital stay, and how they can use what they know now to move forward.

InfoComics: Understanding TBI

TBI & Emotions

Why people with TBI can have problems with mood swings, and what they can do about it.

TBI & Headaches

How headaches can affect people with TBI, and how they can be treated.

TBI & Sleep

How a TBI can cause different types of sleep problems, and how to get help for them.

Traumatic Brain Injury Facilities

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Elkins Park

60 Township Line Rd, Elkins Park, PA 19027

Office: (215) 663-6477

Location Detailsarrow

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation Clubhouse

7612 Dungan Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19111

Office: (215) 745-5093

Location Detailsarrow

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Tabor Road

1200 West Tabor Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19141

Office: (215) 456-9594

Location Detailsarrow