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Travel Tips

Things to Consider as You Plan Your Trip

Talk to your physician about:

  • your general physical condition
  • your need for immunizations
  • your prescriptions for the time you are traveling
  • non-prescription medications you should plan to take with you, (for example, pain relievers, antacids, a laxative, cold medications, an antihistamine, medicine to take in case you experience diarrhea, sunscreen)
  • medical equipment you should take on the trip
  • how to get medical assistance when you are away from home
  • an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses

Talk to your travel agent about:

  • means of travel that will accommodate your physical needs (train, plane, cruise ship, tour group)
  • special accommodations you may need at any point in your trip (car rental, transportation within the airport, help with a wheelchair, special seating, special meals, etc.)
  • arranging the timing of your trip so you will not become overtired while you are traveling
  • what special assistance you can expect from the transportation company, hotel, tour group, etc.
  • ask your travel agent about travel insurance

If you are in a wheelchair:

  • have a maintenance check in advance of the trip
  • take some basic tools and extra parts if necessary
  • if you don't usually use a wheelchair but have trouble walking or become easily tired, consider renting a wheelchair to take with you as checked baggage (it may be difficult to rent a chair at your destination)

In addition:

  • Be sure that you can manage on your own if you are traveling solo--bathrooms are sometimes hard to manage for the disabled traveler. Perhaps you need to have a friend or relative travel with you to provide assistance.
  • Pack necessary items, such as medications, in your hand luggage in case your checked luggage is lost or stolen.
  • If you are renting a car and require hand controls, find out where they are available before you leave home. Carry a placard indicating that you are disabled to display in the car. Find out how to get a temporary placard for the state or country of your destination before you leave.

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