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Covering the Bases on Multiple Sclerosis
By: MossRehab Admin
Sep 13 2015

A dancer with multiple sclerosis (MS) who wants to keep dancing and teaching dance … someone newly diagnosed with MS, worried about not being able to keep up socially … a person with MS in need of sophisticated adjustments to a power wheelchair … someone with MS with a history of falls, who won’t walk more than two blocks from home for fear of not having the strength to make it back.

These are just some of the people who have come in the door at MossRehab recently looking for assistance with multiple sclerosis.

“For patients with MS, improving function as well as obtaining the necessary equipment to maximize their quality of life” is a particular strength of the MossRehab MS program, says physical therapist Katie Herrero, DPT. Herrero, a recent graduate of the Neurological Physical Therapy Residency at MossRehab Elkins Park, works regularly with MS patients at MossRehab’s Center City location.

In describing the program, Herrero notes the importance of the neurological training that the MossRehab MS specialists have undergone. She also highlights the program’s emphasis on advocacy.

“Education is very important to this population,” Herrero says. “MossRehab does a really fantastic job of educating them on how to become their own advocate.”

“Comprehensive,” is how Carmen Angles, MD, describes the MossRehab MS services. Angles, who specializes in physical medicine with a focus on MS, is clinical director for rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis at MossRehab. Neurologists from the Einstein Healthcare Network join in to provide neurology services for people with MS. As a result, MossRehab serves a wide range of people with MS – from those who are functioning well and want to maintain that to those who are experiencing more difficulty.

“Comprehensive” also covers the wide-range of providers - a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation with specific expertise in MS; MS-certified physical, occupational and speech therapists; MS nurse specialists; neurologists; nurse practitioners; psychiatrists; social workers; gynecologists; orthotic specialists; ophthalmologists; radiologists; urologists; vocational and rehabilitation counselors – that come together to offer care for MS patients through MossRehab.

“Comprehensive” also covers the wide-range of diagnostic capabilities offered:

  • MossRehab’s Sheerr Gait and Motion Analysis Lab is the first specialized lab of its kind in the region. In the Gait Lab, a patient’s walking patterns are analyzed using advanced equipment to identify the causes of walking problems, allowing physiatrists to recommend treatments and measure a patient’s progress.
  • Using the sophisticated tools of our Motor Control Analysis Laboratory, specialists identify how much control patients have of their arm and hand muscles and movement. They also determine muscle tone weakness or tremors and establish benchmarks to help measure improvements made through corrective physical, medical and surgical therapies.
  • In the Electrodiagnostic Center, MossRehab physiatrists evaluate brain, nerve and muscle function using advanced clinical neuro-physiology and computer technologies. Based on these test results, they can diagnose nervous system disorders, locate sites of damage and evaluate a patient’s condition after treatment or surgery.

And “comprehensive” covers the wide-range of high-quality programs and therapies designed to help patients reduce muscle spasms and pain, re-establish or maintain motor function and mobility, and learn adaptive techniques to keep them moving and connected. The programs include spasticity management (including intrathecal baclofen pump evaluation and managed injections), the MossRehab Driving Program low vision rehabilitation therapy, massage therapy and a wheelchair evaluation and seating clinic.

MossRehab also boasts a strong relationship with the Multiple Sclerosis Society Greater Delaware Valley Chapter.

The Chapter has been funding an MS patient navigator position at MossRehab, and it supports self-help groups at MossRehab and trains the leaders.  It also holds community outreach days at MossRehab, where the Chapter can talk one-on-one with people with MS. In return, MossRehab connects MS patients with other services offered through the MS Society.

"It’s a give and take relationship,” says Melissa Bruno, client services manager for the Chapter. “MossRehab helps people living with MS. It also helps us reach a population we might not normally reach.”

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