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Tips for Dining Out
By: MossRehab Admin
Sep 13 2015

Nearly everyone enjoys eating out, but restaurants can create numerous obstacles for people with disabilities. Calling ahead with a few questions can ensure you have a chance to focus on enjoying your meal when you arrive. Here are some tips on what to ask before heading out:

  1. Are all entrances into restaurants and bars accessible by wheelchair or for someone on crutches?
  2. How does a restaurant or bar make sure customers with mobility impairments can get to the establishment's various service areas?
  3. Does the restaurant or bar provide accessible tables to people who use wheelchairs?
  4. Does a restaurant that provides only fixed seating provide accessible seating as well?
  5. Does a bar that serves only customers seated on stools or standing have accessible seating as well?
  6. Can the server rearrange the table and chairs to allow for better access?
  7. Can the cook pre-cut my food? If silverware is too difficult to use, do they have plastic or take-out utensils?
  8. Does the restaurant have braille menus?
  9. How is the dining room arranged?
  10. Are the tables placed close together?
  11. Are there stairs in the restaurant? If so, is there an alternate route like a ramp
  12. How accessible are the bathrooms? Are they large enough for a wheelchair as well as a second person?
  13. Does the bathroom stall have grab bars? Would someone in a wheelchair be able to reach and use the bathroom sink?
  14. At a fast-food restaurant is there an accessible counter for the handicapped individual to place an order? Is there a bell to ring to let you know someone needs help
  15. Does the restaurant have clear smooth pathways to travel from indoor to outdoor areas?
  16. Is there is an area to store mobility equipment?

For more information:

Thanks to volunteer Rachel Shandler for collecting these tips.

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