MossRehab Helps People With Disabilities Hit the Waves


JUNE 17, 2013
On Saturday, June 15, Life Rolls On held They Will Surf Again - a one-day, free event that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to get out of their wheelchairs and ride the waves on surfboards.

MossRehab therapists and supporters were there to help. Out of the 250 volunteers, 45 were on MossRehab's Team Challenge Accepted. 

MossRehab volunteers, recognizable by their green headbands and wide smiles, did everyhing from helping surfers in the water to getting them into their wetsuits, moving them to beach wheelchairs, and passing out snacks and water.

“We’re thrilled to have an organization like MossRehab involved with us again this year,” said Chad DeSatnick who organizes They Will Surf Again events in New Jersey. “To have actual therapists who can physically handle people with disabilities with the proper techniques and dignity, say if a surfer falls off their board for instance, makes the experience that much better for surfers.”

MossRehab was a sponsor of this year's event.

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