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Here's the latest from the Delaware Valley's number-one-ranked rehabilitation facility. To see older items, check the archive.

New United Spinal Association of Philadelphia Plans Kick-off

AUGUST 14, 2015
The newly formed Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the United Spinal Association is planning a kick-off celebration on Saturday, September 12. The event offers fun and a chance to learn more about the new organization and adaptive sports and other resources in the area.

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Pennsylvania Center for Adaptive Sport's Boat House parking lot at 1233 Martin Luther King Drive in Philadelphia.

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Gait Lab Receives Full Accreditation from CMLA

JULY 28, 2015
MossRehab's Sheerr Gait and Motion Analysis Lab is one of just nine labs in the U.S. that are fully accredited by the Commission for Motion Laboratory Accreditation. 

CMLA is a nonprofit organization established and operated to enhance the clinical care of people with disorders of human movement by evaluating and accrediting clinical motion laboratories by a set of evaluative criteria.

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MossRehab Once Again Named Top 10 Rehabilitation Facility

JULY 21, 2015
MossRehab has once again been ranked among the top 10 rehabilitation facilities in the country—and top ranked in Pennsylvania—by U.S. News & World Report magazine.

US News badge

This is the twenty-second time MossRehab has received this recognition.

According to U.S. News' "America's Best Hospitals" list—which is developed by asking doctors throughout the country where they would send loved ones for treatment of a specific medical condition if money and location weren't an issue—MossRehab ranks eighth for rehabilitation.

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MossRehab Physical Therapists Play Ancient Gaelic Sport

JULY 13, 2015
Twilight is closing in on a scrubby athletic field toward the rear of Philadelphia’s Northeast High School. Twenty or so young men—and two women—are racing back and forth, wielding what look like canoe paddles in one hand, and slapping a ball back and forth with it.

This moderately anarchic activity is hurling, an ancient Gaelic game transported to the U.S. by Irish immigrants. By some accounts, Irishmen have been playing some version of hurling for more than 3,000 years. The sport is now drawing steadily increasing numbers of American players.

One of them is MossRehab physical therapist Brian Sullivan. A few other Moss physical therapists are out there on the field, too, persuaded by him that playing this obscure Gaelic sport would be a good idea.

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MossRehab OT Discusses Memory Loss After Stroke

JULY 7, 2015
MossRehab occupational therapist Melissa (Muller) Meyers, OTD, OTR/L, was quoted in an article in Everyday Health about regaining memory after stroke.

“Memory deficits after a stroke can vary,” Meyers told the Web site, noting that the extent of loss can depend on age, stroke severity and even the amount of support received from family and friends.

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Magazine Looks at MossRehab Low Vision Therapy

JUNE 26, 2015
In its June issue, Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners took a look at how MossRehab approaches the complex problem of low vision therapy. The publication interviewed both Occupational Therapist Steve Whittaker, PhD, CLVT, OTR/L and patient Deborah Groeber as it focused on the holistic approach taken by MossRehab. Here's a key quote from Whittaker:

"We're one-of-a-kind in the area. We integrate low-vision rehab with the treatment of other disabilities, particularly for people with acquired brain injury. It's like one-stop shopping for all your disability needs. We can address all of those in a tightly integrated program of care."


They Will Surf Again 2015 Hits the Beach

Einbender surfing

JUNE 24, 2016
It had been a good 10 years since Alysse Einbender had been in the ocean. That was before the spinal stroke in 2004 that left her paralyzed below the ribcage.

On Sunday, she was back on the board—riding a wave back to the beach at Wildwood Crest, enwreathed in a cloud of spray, with a broad, excited smile on her face. The board soared through a chute of volunteers ready to leap to her aid if she ran into trouble.

"It was great," she said after her ride, the smile still very much in place. "It was like no time had passed."

Einbender was one of about 48 people with disabilities who took part in They Will Surf Again, a free, one-day event sponsored for the fourth year by MossRehab on what turned out to be a picture-perfect day on the beach at Wildwood Crest. Three-hundred volunteers joined the effort, including 35 from MossRehab.

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MossRehab at Tabor Road Inpatient Services Moving

JUNE 22, 2015
As of June 24, MossRehab is moving the inpatient services at out Tabor Road location right next door to the Willowcrest building. The address will remain the same - 1200 W. Tabor Road - but inpatients and their visitors will enter the Willowcrest building. The new facilities include 17 private rooms, each with a private bathroom and fully-accessible shower. 

Same address. Same staff. Same quality care and expertise.

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MossRehab Receives Challenge Accepted Surfboard

JUNE 11, 2015
MossRehab has received our specially made CHALLENGE ACCEPTED surfboard. 

Surfboard maker/middle school teacher Luke Alvarez, who owns Generic Brand Surfboards, made the board for MossRehab to bring to They Will Surf Again on June 21. It was built specifically for surfers with disabilities to use. Alvarez's seventh grade class at Carusi Middle School in Cherry Hill, N.J. also took up a collection for us to buy a surfboard bag to protect the board.

For the fourth year in a row, MossRehab, the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient physical and cognitive rehabilitation in the Philadelphia region, will officially sponsor and send a volunteer corps of rehab therapists, doctors, nurses and supporters to They Will Surf Again, a free, one-day event that gets people with spinal cord injuries into the ocean and riding waves with the help of volunteers and special, adaptive surf boards. MossRehab is also encouraging patients and former patients to participate.

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Scientists Create First Lab-Grown Limb

JUNE 8, 2015
Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have taken the first step toward growing artificial limbs in a lab, building a rat forelimb with functioning vascular and muscular tissue.

“Limbs contain muscles, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and nerves— each of which has to be rebuilt and requires a specific supporting structure called the matrix.  We have shown that we can maintain the matrix of all of these tissues in their natural relationships to each other, that we can culture the entire construct over prolonged periods of time, and that we can repopulate the vascular system and musculature,” Dr. Harald Ott, of the MGH Department of Surgery and the Center for Regenerative Medicine, said in a news release.

What could this mean for humans? We asked MossRehab's chief medical officer and amputation expert Alberto Esquenazi, MD:

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