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Living Beyond Disabilities is a bi-monthly window into the world of MossRehab, capturing stories of patients and the programs that help them recapture their lives.


February 2015

Speaking from Personal Experience
Palomer at podiumWhile in medical school, Daniela Palomer Garcia, MD, lost parts of all four limbs in a train accident. Undaunted, she went on to specialize in amputation rehabilitation, bringing a unique perspective to her patients. 

Hand Therapists Help Fix More than Shattered Wrist
Following a motorcycle accident that left him with 11 fractures in his neck and spine and shattered his wrist, it wasn't clear if Tariq Farr would ever regain full use of his left hand. Enter our hand therapy team. 

Staying on Your Feet All Winter Long
The cold weather is upon us and that means icy, slippery conditions and an increased risk of falling. Three physical therapists offer advice on avoiding spills. 

October 2014

The Long Journey Back to Work
Liss imageWhen Deborah Liss started working on her job skills at MossRehab this past summer, she brought with her a long list of challenges after a brain injury - and a lot of determination. 

Focus On: Pediatric Services
MossRehab's team-based approach to pediatric care helped two-year-old Eliezer Yanez-Carpio speak his first words. 

Finding Your Way After Brain Injury
MossRehab is presenting a conference on November 8 for people affected by brain injury. Tessa Hart, PhD, of the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, explains what attendees can anticipate from the event. 

July 2014

Classic Greek Philosophy Helps in Recovery
GoldsteinimageMoments after his bike slammed into a car, Stephen Goldstein knew he was paralyzed. What the kidney specialist at Einstein Healthcare Network didn't know fully yet were the challenges that lay ahead. 

Focus on: Cardiac Rehabilitation
When Pete Cosumano walked into MossRehab last October, he had been through triple bypass surgery, nearly four weeks in a coma and three amputation operations. Now he was ready for the final step in his recovery. 

Discount Tickets and a Whole Lot More
Art-Reach works with around 175 arts and cultural organizations in the Philadelphia area - including MossRehab - to provide easier access to the arts for people with disabilities.

May 2014

Defining Her Own Path
Spraggans imageKeisha Spraggans was teaching fourth grade in 2009 when a stroke left her unable to read, write or speak. She was 31. But rather than look back, she simply set her sights on the challenges ahead. 

Focus On: Speech/Language Therapy
MossRehab speech/language therapists Pippa Siguenza and Paula Sobel answer questions about the key role their specialty plays in patient recovery. 

MossRehab Opens Horticultural Conservatory
The Alice and Herbert Sachs Therapeutic Conservatory will let patients combine therapy with gardening, as well as offer an unexpected oasis for patients and their families. 

March 2014

Voelker and Muller imageBattling Stroke With Humor (and Therapy)
When Shirley Shackelford lost the use of her left arm following a stroke, her immediate thought was that she would somehow fix the situation on her own, but she soon found out she was up against a tougher adversary than she expected.

Focus on: Occupational Therapy
Lori Sledziewski, MS, OTR/L, spinal cord injury team leader for the MossRehab Occupational Therapy Department, provides insight into the importance of occupational therapy at MossRehab.

International Art Exhibition Set for April
All About Art, MossRehab's international juried exhibition and sale of art by professional artists with disabilities, is set to run from April 24 through June 24, 2014.

October/November 2013

Accentuating the Positives
ShandlerimageGrowing up with cerebral palsy, Rachel Shandler could have focused on the limitations. She chose the opposite path, and it has made all the difference.

Covering the Bases on Multiple Sclerosis
MossRehab serves a wide range of people with MS – from those who are functioning well and want to maintain that to those who are experiencing more difficulty. 

Disability Etiquette Gone Wrong
We are collecting real-life stories about times when people in the community did NOT practice good disability etiquette. It's all part of a training video we are producing. Tell us your story. 

September 2013

A Shifting of Dreams
Randy on campusWhen he damaged his spinal cord during a club gymnastics practice in college, Randall Duchesneau's world shifted - and so did his plans for the future.

MossRehab Aphasia Center Celebrates Sweet 16
In addition to therapy, the MossRehab Aphasia Center offers a wide range of services including speech therapy, conversation clubs, even a weekly rummy game.

Tips for Dining Out
Almost everybody enjoys eating out. Here are some tips on what to ask the restaurant before heading out on the town for a big night out.

June/July 2013

A Voice for the Voiceless
Stacey Adams during therapyBefore illness struck, Stacey Adams fought to make sure minority populations - including people with disabilities - received equitable treatment and opportunities. Now, the battle has become more personal.

Getting Back Behind the Wheel
The day of her motorcycle accident in 2012, doctors didn't expect Joanne Johnson to make it through the night. A little over a year later, she is not only still here, but is about to get back on the road.

Time to Get Out in the Garden
Summer is upon us, and that means numerous chances to get your hands in the soil. Here are some tips for people with disabilities to help you grow your own fruits, vegetables and flowers this year.

May 2013

War for Independence
Ogg in Times SquareSeven years after Michael Ogg was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the former physics professor faced a crossroads - withdrawal as his body deteriorated or fight for himself and others in the same situation.

Stroke Program Keeps on Helping
MossRehab is well known for its inpatient stroke rehabilitation programs, but what if you or a family member need that same level of quality care as an outpatient - even years after the stroke occurred?

Exercise for People with Parkinson's
With support from the Parkinson Council, MossRehab has developed a program to meet the exercise needs of people with Parkinson's and other neurological diseases.

April 2013

'Ruff'ing it in Rehabilitation
Seamus and CarolynMossRehab has gone to the dogs. Well, the dog. Seamus, a four-legged employee at The Drucker Brain Injury Program at MossRehab, has quickly made himself at home.

ReelAbilities Film Festival
The largest film festival in the country promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with disabilities is headed back to Philadelphia in April.

Tips for Travelers with Disabilities
If you use a device to help you with ambulation and communication when traveling, don't let uncertainties about how to travel with a disability prevent you from seeing the world. Here are some helpful tips.

March 2013

Breaking Barriers
Natalia skydivingJust a few days after Natalia Mendez moved from New York to Philadelphia, to work as a chef, a tree fell on her car while she was driving. Her body was damaged, but not her will.

Partners in Art
MossRehab has a decades-long history of showcasing the artwork of individuals with disabilities and making art appreciation and creation accessible to people with disabilities. Now we have a new partner.

Banging Heads
In recent years, concussions during sporting events have been highlighted more prominently in the news. Here is a look at some of the programs dealing with this condition at MossRehab.

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