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MossRehab Education and Conferences

As one of the top 10 rehabilitation facilities in the country, MossRehab continually strives to share its expertise with rehabilitation professionals through conferences, podcasts and other educational opportunities.

Upcoming Conferences

For Patients and Families

Amputation Recreation Day                                                        October 11 and 12, 2014

New Roads, New Directions: Finding Your Way After Brain Injury
November 8, 2014

For Healthcare Professionals

Ethics for Healthcare Providers - Two Part Lecture         November 13, 2014

Rehabilitation of Persons with Amputation:  The Various Levels of Function                                                October 11 and 12, 2014

Clinical Assessment of Gait and Movement in Individuals with Neurologic Dysfunction
October 23, 2014

Acute Care Evaluation of the Dizzy Patient:  A Focus on Vestibular Examination                                              October 27, 2014

For MossRehab Employees Only

None scheduled at this time

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MedCast Podcast Series

An inside look at issues in the management and treatment of patients with physical disabilities.

Some recent topics:

Rehabilitation of Persons with Disorders of Consciousness

Ulnar Nerve Electrodiagnostic Techniques to Localize Entrapment Site

Comprehensive Management of the Adult Patient with Spina Bifida

Concepts Regarding the upper Limb of Patients with an Upper Motor Neuron Syndrome

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Educational Opportunities

The MossRehab Neurologic Residency for Physical Therapists