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Stroke Program Keeps on Helping

(Living Beyond Disabilities - May 2013) MossRehab is well known for its inpatient stroke rehabilitation programs, but what if you or a family member need that same quality of care as an outpatient – even years after onset of the disability? Where can you turn?

The MossRehab Stroke Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (SCOR) began a decade ago to fill that need – just one of many ways MossRehab works to ensure individuals can continue to make gains throughout their lifetime.

At the SCOR Program, based in Jenkintown, Pa., dozens of patients are making strides beyond what they ever thought possible. Individuals from as close as a mile and as far south as Georgia have come to SCOR to continue their recovery process from stroke and other non-traumatic brain injuries.

SCOR coordinators Elena Adkins M.S. and Melissa Muller, OTD, OTR/L, note that three things set this program apart:

  • A medical management coordinator overseeing the care
  • A team of therapists working together who discuss each patient weekly
  • Therapists with vast expertise in caring for patients with neurologic injury, including stroke, brain tumors and non-traumatic brain injuries. 

Edward Stolarski slicing onionsIndividuals in the SCOR program receive speech, physical and occupational therapy from experienced therapists who specialize in the treatment of neurologic injury. This team works in partnership with a social worker, a physician and the patient’s family to ensure each individual’s therapy is aligned with his or her overall care goals. This comprehensive strategy to deliver the most comprehensive coordinated care is known as an interdisciplinary approach, and is utilized by many programs throughout MossRehab.

“It’s very holistic,” Muller says. “We hit all the points.”

Individuals in the SCOR program are also connected to social services and community programs by a medical management coordinator, who also oversees program development and provides support to SCOR patients and staff.

Earl Schommer learns to bowl on the WiiFollowing evaluation, the medical management coordinator works with patients to develop an individualized plan of care. This plan is executed in a convenient three-hour window, two to three times per week.

The program routinely recommends evaluation of other needs such as neuropsychology or counseling, vocational rehab services, or driving assistance.

Want to know more about SCOR or obtain referral information? Please call Elena Adkins at 215-884-9735.

SCOR is just one of many programs at MossRehab for stroke survivors. Visit the following links to learn more about other programs: