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Inside MossRehab Newsletter

The Inside MossRehab newsletter provides a quarterly look at the news and research coming from MossRehab and its renowned research arm, the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute.


Spring 2014

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Robots Lend Helping Hands to Survivors of Strokes
At MossRehab’s Stroke and Neurological Disease Center, survivors of stroke are increasingly receiving help from clinicians of the mechanical variety—rehabilitation robots.

Q&A with Myrna Schwartz on Aphasia
Myrna Schwartz, PhD, associate director of the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute and research professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University, discusses her research and efforts to pioneer effective treatments for language disorders.

Mirror Therapy Clinical Trials Prove Positive for Treating Hemiparesis
For those patients with hemiparesis following stroke, hope may come from a novel therapy being investigated at MossRehab that uses mirrors to help increase recruitment of the contralesional brain hemisphere.

MossRehab Stroke Unit to Apply CUSP Safety Program
When MossRehab initiates the critically acclaimed five-step Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) later this year, it will be among the first stroke rehabilitation programs in the nation to do so.

Helping Stroke Survivors Overcome Emotional Dysfunction
To help patients and their families deal with the emotional changes often attributed to stroke and other brain injuries, MossRehab has partnered with Belmont Behavioral Health—one of the largest providers of mental and behavioral healthcare in the Philadelphia region—to open the Neuro-mental Health Clinic.

Winter 2014

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Focus on Spinal Cord Injury
A look at how new therapies - inpatient and outpatient - are proving restorative to SCI patients.

Latest on Intrathecal Therapy
Michael Saulino, MD, PhD, clinical director of Intrathecal Therapy Services at MossRehab shares what MossRehab is learning from its extensive efforts in this area.

Project Airport
It's hard enough to navigate through a crowded airport; imagine doing it in a wheelchair. MossRehab has created a program to help people with disabilities do exactly that.

Scholarly Update
Some recent research published by the members of Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute and our other physiatrists and therapists.

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Summer 2013

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Focus on Traumatic Brain Injury
A look at how MossRehab's research, clinical care and exceptional staff underpin remarkable outcomes in our work on brain injury

Helping to Curb Sports-Related Concussions
Michael Marino, MD, attending physician at MossRehab's Drucker Brain Injury Center, talks about the need to educate athletes, parents and coaches about this growing public health issue

Update on Healthcare Reform
As the Affordable Care Act settles in, rehabilitation providers want to ensure that patients get the care they need in the most appropriate setting 

Scholarly Update
Some recent research published by the members of Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute and our other physiatrists and therapists

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Winter 2013

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Trust Endows Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Chair
Alberto Esquenazi, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of MossRehab, was named the first recipient of the Chair.

Taking Pride in Patient Safety
A look at how MossRehab has focused on quality improvement projects to enhance overall patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Flashback: Developments in Rehab Over the Past Century
The latest in our series on rehabilitation developments from a MossRehab perspective

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Summer 2012

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The Amantadine Trial: Active Treatment for Post-Traumatic Disorders of Consciousness
A look inside this research effort led by John Whyte, M.D., Ph.D., director of Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, and Joseph T. Giancino, Ph.D. (then at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in Edison, N.J.) led the research team.

Whyte Honored with Kessler Foundation Award for Excellence
The director of Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute was named the 2012 recipient of the Kessler Foundation’s Joel A. DeLisa, M.D. Award for Excellence in Research and Education in the Field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Flashback: Growing Respect for the Field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Prior to the late 1940s, PM & R was dismissed by most of the professional medical establishment. But then things began to change. 

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