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Regain your ability to communicate at the region's only top 10 U.S. rehabilitation hospital.

Conversation group at Aphasia Center

People who have aphasia may be unable to express basic needs–such as hunger–or they may use the wrong words or forget words–even the names of their children. They may be unable to read a book or write their names. Frustration and depression can easily occur as individuals struggle to communicate.

MossRehab Aphasia Center was developed to meet the long-term communication and psychosocial needs of individuals affected by aphasia. It is a place where people can find information and peer support, as well as participate in on-going research and treatment.

MossRehab Aphasia Center was founded on several basic principles:

  • Recovery from aphasia involves a life-long process of re-education, adaptation and support.
  • Under the right conditions, people with aphasia can continue to recover even years after onset of aphasia.
  • Participating in social, recreational and educational activities helps people with aphasia and their families make psychosocial adjustments.
  • Patients and their families can play an important role in increasing public awareness of aphasia.

Conversation Group at Aphasia Center

MossRehab Aphasia Center programs and services include:

  • The Advanced Clinical Therapy (ACT) Program is a specialized outpatient therapy program developed for patients with chronic or persisting aphasia greater than six months. Treatment emphasizes developing effective home practice routines using computers whenever possible.
  • Outside of Philadelphia, the ACT program offers an in-depth evaluation and a treatment plan that can be carried out by the patient’s treating clinician.
  • In the Aphasia Center computer lab, we enlist preprogrammed exercises, with trained volunteers.
  • MossTalk Words® is a program developed by our researchers and clinicians, that provides practice in comprehending and producing words, phrases and sentences.
  • SentenceShaper™ is another unique program that aids patients in formulating and producing more complete and informative language.
  • Social approaches assist rehabilitation. Our Activity Center offers conversation and support groups, a book club, a computer lab, a weekly cards group, educational programs and a place to socialize—all crucial to long term recovery and reintegration into community activities.

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Voices of MossRehab Aphasia Center (VOMAC) is the driving force behind the Aphasia Center. VOMAC volunteers organize events, run group activities, spearhead fundraising events and advocate for aphasia awareness.


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